Relevance of Co-Citation in White-Hat SEO

“Can I allow another website to link to mine, will I be at a loss?” a new webmaster may ask. Website linking is a competition in the search engine optimization world where ranking top is the pursuit to succeed in this business. But with co-citation, a webmaster may succeed only if the co-citation guide is well followed. Co-citation refers to the relationship between two web pages founded on a third webpage that references the two web pages. This allows google to access the relevant related web pages. A co-citation guide is a series of proven steps that have worked and helped many websites flourish. Interested in venturing into quality SEO? Below is a simple co-citation guide:

  1. Create quality and original content that can be mentioned by other websites and shared
  2. Make sure that what is written is relevant and credible
  3. Link to relevant websites
  4. Make sure these websites are not competitive; in that they will not be a threat to your website in terms of traffic
  5. Make sure that these websites are useful
  6. Link only to websites that you are aware of the domain authority as well as where else the website links to
  7. Do not link to bad websites or bad neighborhoods, which have poor quality domains as it will be of no value
  8. Apply the concept of co-citationseo

What is the importance of a co-citation network?

Before linking to another website, always keep in mind that linking to a high authority website is vital for a co-citation network. A co-citation network refers to a bipartite graph displaying linkage between two different web page documents, whose links represent the co-citations and are referenced with the frequency of co-citation which is above some threshold. Formation of a co-citation network stresses the importance of the separation of various areas of research, where they are centered on co-cited documents. This is positive for the user-experience.

What is the importance of using particular phrases?

SEO co-citation is an excellent way of increasing the ranking of a website by the act of naturally building links. Keywords around your links are relevant; this brings about the importance of co-occurrence. A co-occurrence network contains specific words or phrases that are in close proximity between two networks linked together. This therefore brings about a closeness in two linked websites; creating a search engine factor.

Is SEO a dying business?

A new entrepreneur in the online sector may be confused and ask “what is co-citation? I have heard that SEO is a dying business”. SEO co-citation is complicated to understand for novice individuals who may want to venture into online business. Basically, SEO co-citation and co-occurrence are a modern strategy of marketing, as such create a huge volume of traffic to a website. A point of correction is SEO is not dying; it is evolving to suit better results for the search engine users. Thereby, revamping the search engine optimization world for the better.

What are you waiting for? Integrate the concept of co-occurrence and co-citation and see your website develop in a potential you will be shocked!

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Guide to White Hat Link Building Strategies for 2015 and Beyond

White hat link building is the preferred method of obtaining backlinks by businesses. Any links obtained through these link building techniques are guaranteed to offer value to your SEO efforts, which is also beneficial to your business in the long run. To put it simply, this linkable content looks natural and provides value to the visitors of your website. With Google constantly updating their algorithm to fight the black hat strategies employed by other websites, you need to focus on using the white hat strategies to avoid backlash.

A good content is the primary component of white hat link building strategies. However, it also requires an understanding on how to maximize the value and asset you have on your website. To ensure that your blog or website can sustain its SEO performance even when Google releases a new algorithm update in 2015 and beyond, here are some strategies you can use:

Link with Authority Sites

This is the number one rule to follow when you are trying to build white hat links. To be specific, you need to obtain links from websites with high domain authority (DA) and SE Price. One way you can do this is obtain guest blogging opportunity from these top rated websites. You can, therefore, leverage these websites’ ability to rank higher and faster on Google search engine results page.

Aside from being able to tap into the traffic the website generates and be able to bring in traffic to your own website, you also have the ability to obtain natural links over time. After all, these websites have already established their reputation in their respective niche.

To summarize, there are two main benefits you can get by obtaining a link from high DA websites: 1) you can boost your website’s search visibility and 2) you can obtain backlinks from other related and relevant websites.

Broken Link Building Strategy

In order to build a successful link building strategy, you should expect to do a lot of research on your competitors’ websites. For instance, you can look at broken 404 pages at your competitor’s website and find out which sites link to that broken page. Then, look at your own website and determine if you have a similar landing page.

You can get in touch with websites that link to this broken page and bring it up to their attention that the link leads to an empty page. Therefore, you can suggest a similar page on your website that offers the same content. This will benefit the websites concerned because they will be able to link to the exact information rather than leading their readers to a broken page.

Reverse Image Search

Do you have images on your website that you own the copyright to? Make sure to leverage the traffic you can get from that image by performing a reverse image search link building strategy. Moreover, you  conduct a search on websites that use your image without giving a credit link back to your website. This is a simple process once you know how it is done. It is also a great way to optimize traffic to your website every time someone uses your image.

If you would like to learn more about white hat link building techniques, visit

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Microsoft Word Training: What to Expect in New Horizons

Using all features of Microsoft Word with confidence is only through a thorough training. New Horizons Microsoft Word training courses are very exciting and informative; you will produce professional and highly sophisticated documents in a proficient manner. Microsoft word package has a lot of features that you may not have used. The features are very crucial to all types of documents thus the need to be used. You may discover some through trial and error, but the proper way to do so is by training.

Microsoft enhances its word software each time they make a new release. You will find improved features and more capabilities. The surest way to harness these advantages and power is through training. At New Horizons, whether you are a newbie or an expert, there is always a provision for you. You can improve your abilities on the different Word versions you use as they train on all of them. Advanced users have detailed courses to improve their competencies.

The industrial standards may prove to be tricky even if you are a Microsoft Word expert. A typical Word document has to obey certain rules and regulations. Since you will not be provided with the rules regularly, you need to master them. Making the most out of the word processor is only through an expert’s intervention. Your abilities will improve with regards to industrial standards through New Horizons.

Before the commencement of a Microsoft Word training course, you need to select the Word version to be trained on. They offer several versions together with the older ones. Each version is then split into manageable training portions. Not all old versions will be available, but they have the most sought versions.

Word 2013 – the latest version – is comprised of various features. It has cloud and connectivity features. You have access to online resources within a document. It can format PDFs directly in the word processor. Word 2013’s new read mode allows the same read vision on multiple devices like tablets, smartphones and computers. It is, therefore, more portable than previous versions.

The topics discussed for each Microsoft Word Version include;

  • New Word features
  • Use of hidden and advanced feature
  • Document design, formatting, and saving
  • Editing paragraphs and text
  • Working with columns and tables
  • Document templates
  • Word Arts, Graphics, charts, and text flow
  • Advanced features of mail merge, macros, proofing tools and document versioning.

For each course, you get the outline, schedule, and part. It is broken down into part 1, 2, and 3. Not only will you get the formal training but also tips and tricks that will help you to navigate within the processor with ease. You will also get insights on better typing techniques or when to use Word processor. All these aspects come at a fee.

For more information about New Horizons services, you can contact them through their website or email address. The customer service is exemplary, and the friendly staff will listen to you. Depending on your location, you will always find the New Horizons offices across the globe to offer Microsoft Word Training.

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How Team Building Activities Play A Role

To have a healthy work environment is something that we all want. But the cherry on the top is if we have the best team members to work with. For this, team building plays its part. It is well understood that to have a motivated and successful team achieving the set goals, team building activities play a vital part. It creates a feeling of being one in the team members and they all support each other and respect each other. This creates a “greener” way of working for the team.

If team building activities are done the right way, they can prove to be really beneficial. Hidden doors is a big and successful name for executing and planning events for teams, families or a big groups of people of Sydney. They have the edge of planning the best, never imagined ideas for team building activities. They aim to create not just activities, but a memorable experience which result in unforgettable memories. Every event is unique in all the ways and customer satisfaction is always achieved.

The company has an attractive website displaying the best offerings. It has all the packages and activities that can be clubbed for team building. The company offers many beautiful and attractive venues for their events. They also help to shape out anything that the customer desires and make an attractive customized event. Be it food, venue, drinks, theme or any other set up, they can just get it tailored for their customers.

Among all the services offered at Hidden doors, team building activities for the corporate clients is their forte. Understanding the team size, structure and the objective behind the event and also the budget, they develop the best solutions around these factors. This makes them stand out from others in this industry. On the website there are several case studies that speak aloud about their tremendous work.

Team building activities help the employees know each better or helps to merge the politics in the corporate world. While the employees participate in the activities, their outlook towards each other changes as their personality is not the same as they are in the office and feel more expressive and open with their team. This in turn induces better communication both professionally and personally among the team and a feeling of togetherness and being a part of a common body. These activities also help the leaders to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the employees, which can be worked upon accordingly. Many times during such activities learning is imparted among the employees for any topic and also workshops are organized simultaneously, or some news about the company progress etc. is presented. There are also seminars wherein the leaders share their thoughts and learnings for the team. Talent recognition is also at times an objective of the team building activitieswhere rewards and recognition is given to the team members, motivating them to achieve better results.

Most of the team building activities like races, corporate cooking chef, indoor team building events, charity team building activities or family days aim to build trust among the employees, building an effective team working. The employees after the events have an improved outlook towards their colleagues and the company. These events also impart problem solving skills in the team members and help them to tackle different situations using the strengths of each other. Hidden doors in a nutshell has something to offer
you all!

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Extrusion Process: A Best Way To Furnish Windows

There are numerous things needed while building a house or designing the  interior of any living space. Windows, doors, walls, the floor – everything should be placed and designed properly so that people can enjoy their stay at home for quite a long time. Nowadays, extrusion products are widely used in furnishing windows and other parts of a building. Extrusion process is popular when it comes to furnishing doors and other housing products. There are a lot of manufacturers and suppliers who offer several extrusion products for construction purposes.

By extrusion, we mean a process which helps to build objects of permanent cross-sectional profile. In this process, a piece of metal is being pulled or pushed through a specialized tool of a required cross-section. There are three types of processes that are used for extrusion. The three types are

·         Hot extrusion: In this process, metals are being pushed or pulled through a specialized tool known as a die at a high temperature. It does not allow the metals to become hard so that it can easily enter through the die.

·         Warm extrusion: It is similar to hot extrusion but the temperature used is not as high as that of hot extrusion. The process is done just above room temperature.

·         Cold extrusion: Contrary to its name, cold extrusion does not deal in extremely low temperatures. In the cold extrusion process, the metals are being pushed or pulled at room temperature through the die.

The metals most commonly used in extrusion are aluminium, brass, copper, magnesium, lead, tin, zinc, titanium, steel and so on. Today, through extrusion, materials like Aluminium are widely used in creating buildings and housing products such as windows, doors, curtain walls and much more. In the industrial sectors, extrusion products are also being used vastly. These are used to create products such as automotives, heat sinks, pipes, cases and frames and much more.

The extrusion process is not only limited to metals – sometimes it includes materials like plastic, ceramic and such. Though there are different types of materials available for extrusion products, the best products are those made from different metals. These are not only durable, but also strong and take less time to install.

Apart from durability, there are other advantages to extruded products. Here are some benefits that your building materials will enjoy if you use extruded products:

·         Air proof

·         Water proof

·         Sound proof

·         Easy to handle

·         Easy to clean

·         Safe and secured

·         Wind load resistance and many more

Extruded products such as side steps, tonneau covers, roof racks, roof rails and so on are not only easy to handle but also strong and durable. That makes them more useful and applicable. As mentioned, there are several manufacturers and suppliers who offer high quality extruded products for building construction use. Most of these suppliers offer such things through online trading. One does not need to visit those brick and mortar stores to buy such things. People can choose and order online through the websites and get them installed at their homes.

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How Does Price Factor Into Your Logo Design?

When looking for a professional Melbourne logo design company, one of the first things that you have to consider is the price. How much does a professional logo design cost? This is often the first question you find yourself asking. And the concern is a legitimate one, especially if you are a small business still trying to establish your business. There is no definitive answer to this as there are various factors that can come into play when it comes to determining the cost.
Impact of Cost
Do you remember the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’? This can have a varying level of impact on your decision of which business logo design company to hire. If you have a limited budget, you will naturally be drawn to budget services. However, you should not settle for cheap as it can also compromise the quality of your logo design.
On the flip side, do not be tempted to go for the Melbourne logo design service that offers the highest fee. The cost does not always guarantee quality. Only settle for high paying services if you are confident that they can consistently offer professional quality results that take your branding efforts into mind.
Should You DIY Your Logo?
For start-up businesses, using free online templates and opting to do-it-yourself might seem reasonable. If you are creative, why not? This might seem like a good idea but if you want to think about your branding efforts in the long run, ready to go templates never give you the branding reach that you would like for your company. In fact, people can tell if you are using free templates to build your logo. And you do not want to create that kind of impression.
You are limited by the templates and what other customizable features are available, such as symbols, shapes and fonts. The worst thing that can happen is for your logo to look amateurish. You should take your logo and website designs seriously and that means hiring a professional to convey the right image for your business.
Customized Logo
This is the most suitable option available when it comes to creating a logo design in Melbourne. Graphic designers are not only skilled when it comes to the technical aspects of logo creation, but they also have an in-depth knowledge about the link of logos with brand identity. In fact, these designers are capable of adjusting their designs to suit your preferences. They will tailor the design to meet your desired look and image rather than being limited by what is available at your disposal.
If you are concerned about the budget, you need to discuss with a Melbourne logo design service about your budget ceiling. It is important to be upfront at first so you won’t have to deal with extra service costs. A professional logo design company will be open to discussing the terms to suit your budget and needs. If not, then you should look elsewhere as you have more options in Melbourne like Clark Marketing & Design.

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Is Your Fundraiser Losing Money?

Is your fundraiser making too many mistakes and missing out on potential lucrative funding for your projects? If your signature project is in the black and the donors are tightening their purses, then you are in real trouble. It could mean the end for you and your team. While a fundraising agency can go a long way in arresting decline temporarily, there are several steps that could be contributing to your slow decline which you have to deal with first in order to have a good shot at ensuring sustainability and flow of funds.

Donor Fatigue: Some charities may only be reaching out to the donors only when they need the funding and then going on a quiet until the next fundraising cycle. If you are doing a fundraising outreach which donors deem to be too self-serving, then they may begin to feel the brunt and will start tightening their purses. If individuals are being solicited by a plethora of charities again and again for some donations, then they will begin to display the symptoms of donor fatigue.

It is important to retune your fundraising approach so that you do not run the risk of sounding just like everyone else asking for money. You can contract a fundraising agency helping charities reach their target market in order to add some focus and gravitas to your fundraising. This will help you in hitting your target market and getting constant donations even as the taps run dry for everyone else.

Failing to Ask for Money: While some charities are so brazen with their fundraising plans, others are just the opposite. They fail to ask for money or fail to ask hard enough. They find it a bit intimidating to be constantly sending requests to donors for some financing. While this is an admirable attitude, it could also cripple your projects if you are not getting financing in order to proceed.

You can contract fundraising agency that does internet on line marketing for charities to bring out your social causes and get donors inspired by your story without necessarily engaging in a business centred pitch for donor financing which generally puts off the donors over time. The best solicitation pitches for fundraising should be measured: be appreciative and do not convey a sense of desperation for financing.  Provide measurable outcomes that show how the money will be spent in order to achieve your objectives.

Low attendee costs: If you have been inviting attendees to your events and charging low ticket fees, maybe it is time to rethink that strategy. Donors too have felt the uptick in consumer spending and will be ready to spend more on ticket prices for the special charity dinners, galas and ceremonies.

If your fundraising events are not generating as much as you would wish, it may also be time to reboot your fundraising events. Trends change and the same applies to the fundraising industry. The kind of event formats which were relevant three decades ago may not be as relevant today. The fundraising team should critically evaluate the event format and decide on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to fundraising. A professional fundraising agency can help you with this review and charity marketing help in order to assist you in increasing the impact of your fundraising.

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Transporting Goods With Ease

Travelling can be a very exciting aspect of our daily lives. People nowadays are busier, and they don’t have the time to take a vacation or just a simple rest from the hectic schedules. However, sometimes travelling is not the hardest part, even monetary wise. Going to the designated place of the vacation is sometimes not the hardest part. It’s customs. The laws are set in place, which have to be followed and countries do not take them lightly. This means, the customs clearance in Sydney is a big part of it.

customs clearance sydneyClearing goods through the customs means people have to follow several points in the guidelines which educate travellers about the set of rules they have to follow. If this set of rules is not followed, problems can arise and nobody wants to be involved with the law enforcing offices more than the occasional paperwork every now and then. Therefore, it means – getting all the information before travelling is essential. It is not only important to individuals but also to businesses involved in the trade overseas. Since businesses are scrutinized much more, they also have to pay more attention to their imports and exports.

Steps to Follow

The first thing to find out for the travellers is, what goods can and which ones cannot be imported or exported according to customs clearance in Sydney. Since businesses most likely export and import goods in bulk, the customs clearance in Sydney has sections that concern this part of customs. Deadlines and shipping costs can be overwhelming, and hence, for shipments, which are international, it can be a good idea to hire a freight forwarder. It ensures the company that there will be no hang-ups and hold ups at the customs or with the shipment, and the delivery will be made on time; if possible, hire the one that comes in your budget.  This means the procedure for customs clearance Sydney has will be dealt with in a timely manner and with no additional fuss. It helps individuals and companies in going through the whole process of customs clearance Sydney has by avoiding errors and not losing, possibly, thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Communication is Essential

Partnering with professionals who know how to deal with Sydney custom clearance officers can be essential for the public image, since it not only creates but also keeps up the good name of the company. Clients are picky in the modern world, and they will do anything to ensure they have received the best quality service. Companies will do anything to avoid legal process or loss of income and following the set rules is the first step. When the company or the individual is sure that all the laws are followed, there comes the sigh of relief about the fact that no law-suits are going to follow and infringe upon their lives and privacy. For companies, it also means that their good name is established and maintained, which is essential in the modern environment of competition. Since the markets are getting more and more narrow, the public image is something that matters the most on occasions and cannot be forgotten. Find out more here

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How to Choose the Right Pallet Racking Solution

Situated on the South-Eastern coast of Australia, NSW is one of the main Australian melting pots, accounting for significant into and out of the country. It has a population of 7.5 million and its economy accounts for 30% of Australia’s GDP. Sydney, Australia’s most populous city is also situated in NSW.  Its significance as a major trade hub and market for goods has seen the rise of demand in quality warehousing solutions and demand for more efficient warehousing such as pallet racking. The pallet racking NSW systems are an integral part of any warehousing solution. They help in maximizing on space and provide a safe and secure option that you can use to store your merchandise before the picking, packing and subsequent shipping to the markets or buyers. Pallet racking in NSW typically consists of beams and uprights. It is a very basic packing system but with incredible benefits.

NSW pallet racking helps in creating complete order in the warehouse while allowing users to maximize on the storage density. The use of pallet racking allows warehouses to create the best use of both the floor space and the roof height.

There are numerous warehousing solutions available for the businesses in NSW and the greater Australia. As a result, customers are quite demanding. They expect the best standards possible when it comes to warehousing. They expect you to deliver their goods to the destination without incurring any damages and they expect you to do this on time and often so that you can satisfy their just-in-time requirements.

If the pallet racking is properly installed, it can be a key factor in improving efficiencies in the warehousing solution and increasing the customer satisfaction levels and ensuring continued business growth. There are companies that have specialized in the design of pallet racking NSW storage systems that help businesses on maximizing their productivity and increasing their operational efficiency.

Before choosing the right kind of pallet racking NSW solution, there are certain key questions that you need to answer. These include the following:

·         What is the size of the pallet that you need to store?

·         Will access be required for the picking of the goods stored?

·         What beam size as well as the load capacity will you need?

·         What is the required height for the storage?

·         What type of decking will you need?

·         Will the pallet racking be accessed by trucks or forklifts?

How to Choose the Right Racking Size

There are various warehousing racking types that you can choose. The most common kind that you can select is the Very Narrow Aisle or the Wide Aisle. Each of these racking types will offer you immediate access to your each of the storage units or the SKUs. If you have a system that is maximizing on the headroom, ensure that it is designed for full storage capacity and throughput. You will also find certain racking systems that will provide you with a great deal of flexibility as they can be expanded as the volume increases. More details at

Ensure you choose a professional racking solution that is managed with the strictest of standards. Qualified staff should be assigned in order to carry out racking inspections every six months in order to ensure that they meet the highest safety as well as health standards. Warehouses rely heavily on the racking systems. Before you buy pallet racking NSW solution ensure you pick a NSW racking solution provided that can offer you multiple solutions and which has the expertise to advise you on the best racking systems for your needs.

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Laser cutter: total precision every time

Laser cutting technology is a fairly recent technology. Under CNC control, a laser cutter can now cut both carbon steels and stainless steels up to 25mm thick. It can also cut aluminum up to 16mm thick along with zinc coated sheets. This technology.  Each laser cutting machine can take sheets up to 4000 mm x 1500 mm.  So it is important to access the best laser cutting Brisbane companies and see what  technology there is on offer.

This technology is based on nitrogen and oxygen along with the use of compressed air. The laser cutting machine stores an exact copy of each design that has been executed. This means that the work can be repeated with total accuracy. Companies want the best laser cutting Brisbane design services.  A company that can offer the best inetergrated  CAD/CAM system. So any alterations can be made very quickly.

This process eliminates, burrs warping, over cuts, flaking or bent over edges. The finish is far superior to that produced by guillotining or any other mechanical system. There is a need for a  laser cutting Brisbane company that will produce this excellent finish.  Then the laser cutter  can produce a very subtle radius curve or chamfer on a sharp cutting edge resulting from this process. This sharp edge could cause problems later. This also has the benefit of reducing the possibility of rust, erosion, and corrosion along the cut line when a laser cutter is used. There is no chance of cross contamination from the cutting edge of another blad

For hardened steels and thicker metals  there is a need to find the best company that will provide the best laser cutting in Brisbane.  There is a need  to cut hardened steels and thicker metals that could not be  cut using a standard metal blade. Also it is far easier to set up a piece for cutting or re cutting than would be the case if a conventional cutting blade is used.

Above all it is the sheer precision that is now possible with using laser cutters. Very intricate designs can be used. Designs cut in metal can be replicated many times with total precision. The laser will not wear or go out of alignment over a period of time. Setting up is not a problem either. If it is a matter of creating a very intricate and complex sign, a template or fixture that has to be repeated perfectly each time,.  There will be a need to find a  Brisbane laser cutting firm that can provide this.

You may try: if you want to avail of the best cutting designs laser cutting Brisbane companies would be a great choice.It may be the case that a company wanting to use this service has got a very good idea of what design they want developing. The CAD/CAM Design Services have the expertise to translate this into the final product. All standard Auto Cad files are accepted and these can be used to develop the final design from which the Laser Cutter will work from. If a company needs help in developing an idea, the design team will work with them to see this idea is brought to fruition.

Rockpress Brisbane Australia is the specialist in all things metal. This company covers a wide range of manufacturing and fabricating processes. This covers a range of CNC operations in turning and milling, along with the fabrication and bending of metal. They can also cover an extensive range of metal finishing, including metal spraying, powder casting, and glass bead blasting. There is also, of course, the increasingly important Laser Cutting technology.

To find Laser Cutting Brisbane, you may visit this web site:


tel: (07) 3275 1566

fax: (07) 3875 1356

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