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Follow These Driving Tips For Your Tyres to Last Longer

Experts recommend that you check your car tyres at least for five minutes once a month before you embark on a long journey. A reliable company for wheels and tyres in Sydney can offer vital information on factors that affect tyre alignment, rotation, and pressure. Besides, you can acquire useful tips on how to check your car’s tyre tread wear and pressure. Driving can take place under various weather conditions. Here are some tips offered by experts on how to drive safely and keep your tyres in good condition.

Tips for safe winter driving

Driving during winter can be very dangerous. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself and your car to meet the conditions with confidence. For example, when driving during winter, stopping the vehicle is one of the challenges drivers experience. In that situation, professionals dealing with wheels and tyres in Sydney advise drivers to take good care of the tyres because they are the ones that make the vehicle come to a stop. Therefore, to ensure you stay out of trouble, make use of all the tyres correctly:

  • During winter, ensure that the tyres are well inflated. Underinflated tyres are more vulnerable to damage irrespective of the situation. It is important to ensure that the tyres are in the correct pressure at all times.
  • Accelerate gently and avoid sudden movements of the car. Sliding and spinning tyres are a good sign that the car is out of control.
  • Do not spin your tyres too fast if you are stuck because they will overheat and explode. This may cause injury or lead to tyre replacement. The correct way is to rock your car gently back and forth.
  • Ice on water and snow usually damage the roads leaving huge potholes. Hitting potholes can lead to misalignment of the tyres. In addition, if a tyre hits a pothole, it can get damaged or even damage the rim of your car. Besides, do not over speed because the impact of a pothole increases significantly with the speed of the vehicle.

Safe driving tips in summer

During summer, people love to take to the roads for either weekend getaways or holiday road trips. Before you embark on a road trip during summer, make sure that the tyres are in good condition so that you can arrive safely:

  • Check the pressure of the tyres. The correct inflation pressure is often written on the fuel door, door edge, or glove box. You can also contact the car manufacturer to get the correct inflation pressure.
  • Check the balance and the alignment of the car regularly so that you can stop safely if your car skids.
  • It is advisable to rotate your tyres so that you can correct irregular tyre wear. Before you do this, check the car manual to see the recommended rotational guidelines.
  • Your tyres will hydroplane if you drive faster on worn out tyres when it rains. Therefore, ensure that you replace worn-out tyres immediately.

Finally yet importantly, experts for wheels and tyres in Sydney suggest that it is important to take care of your car tyres not only to ensure that they last longer, but also to make sure you always arrive at your destination safely.