Driving is believing

Kia Carnival: The Good and The Bad

Cars are both an efficient and stylish way of travelling. However choosing the wrong car might end up hurting your wallet and your style. So what is the right car for you? Well, that question can be only be answered by you. If you are somebody who is looking for an economical car that looks great and can accommodate your whole family then a Kia Carnival Brisbane has might be the car for you. The car is promising on paper and in test drives as well as reviews. But, despite the accolades that this eleven seating minivan has acquired, is it worth your hard earned money? If you are among the lot that is asking the same question, then read on to this article because it might enlighten you.


The Kia Carnival Brisbane has is just like any other Kia Carnival, a spacious and comfortable ride. The first thing that you should know about this car is that it’s a sports utility vehicle. That means that it has a strong engine. This car has a 3.3 liter V6 engine that can create 206 horse power at six thousand rounds per minute and a torque of 336 Nm. The car also looks good inside and out. The façade of the car itself is ergonomically designed and painted while the exterior is laced in leather and chrome. The car also has a semi-automatic transmission system that allows you to have a full automated shifting while allowing you to manually shift gears. In addition to all of these, this car has a very fluid handle because of the awesome engineering that the Koreans have.

Is it worth it?

The main concern that you are going to face in case you bought the all-new carnival is not its engine, but, how it reacts on the road especially in the rough Australian terrains. Though they are really not that bad (come on, the car moves through the road like a hot knife cutting through butter), they can lead to bigger problems caused by wear and tear. Despite that fluidity, it is very disappointing considering how easy and laid back the handling is on the previous versions than the current one. Another problem that the Kia Carnival Brisbane has are its front parking sensors. They sound good yes, but these are useless things. If you don’t know how to park, then don’t buy a car. Simple as that.

Despite of the things said above, the car is a stunning people mover. Those things mentioned above are just little things that are outweighed by the awesome things that the car can give you. It is yet another work of art bestowed upon us by the brilliant minds of Korean engineering. So, let us take advantage of that. So, if you think that it suits you then go and do a little more research to know about the new Kia Carnival Australia has today.

Overall, though the car is amazing both in terms of aesthetics and functionality, it has flaws itself.  So, make sure that before you decide to purchase Kia Carnival Brisbane has, you have made the right amount of research and evaluation.