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Private Water Taxis are imparting excellent services to Sydney Harbour visitors

Sydney Harbour is considered as one of the most famous and beautiful harbours in the world. Surrounded by scenic landscapes, historic spots, national parks and long shoreline, Sydney Harbour attracts thousands of visitors every year. Sydney Harbour is also the gateway using which many other places in Sydney can be reached easily. The best way to experience the beauty and value of the harbour is to hire a Sydney Private Water Taxi and sail through the harbour and enjoy the beauty of Sydney’s landmarks like Sydney Opera House, Sydney Bridge etc. Travelling with water taxis also enables visitors to observe Watsons’ Bay, Rose Bay, Taronga Zoo and different islands surrounding the harbour such as Clark, Goat or Cockatoo islands.

sydney private water taxi

Why opt for private water taxi

 There are a number of Sydney private water taxi companies that offer excellent services to the travelers of Sydney Harbour. Visitors hire them for various reasons:

  • First time visitors to Sydney Harbour come here to have a look at different locations from the sea. Water taxis enable them to observe different natural and historical spots, national parks, Islands, Zoo and famous Sydney Harbour Ferry from vantage points. It’s really a lifetime experience for sea-loving travelers around the world.
  • People also like to hire Sydney private water taxi for celebrating special events like wedding party, birthday celebrations or any other memorable celebration.  Getting a view of fireworks lighting up on the sky surrounding the Sydney harbour on the New Year’s Eve is an everlasting experience for visitors.
  • This is the best way to spend a memorable holiday with family and friends. Foods can be arranged on the water taxis for having special lunch or dinner together while viewing famous Sydney opera house or National Parks etc.
  • Professional photographers want to get exclusive images of different destinations from water. They depend upon the water taxis to capture splendid natural images visible from Sydney harbour.
  • Movie producers, directors, and actors prefer private water taxis for reaching their favorite locations for shooting, concerts or any other reasons.

Services provided by the Sydney private water taxi companies:

Different services provided by these companies are as follows:

  • Private Charters: Visitors can avail any kind of taxi depending upon the need and number of members to be accommodated. Sydney Private Water taxi providers possess a large fleet of water taxis to choose from.
  • Water way Transfers: Water Taxis can be availed to reach any destination from any other place in and around Sydney Harbour.
  • Luxurious Taxis: Water Limousines are available for special visitors who want to spend the day on sea specially.
  • Other Services: Other services include harbour restaurant and hotel transfers, arranging corporate events, harbour adventures, wedding ceremony etc.

Features of service providers:

  • Sydney Private water taxi companies employ captains and supporting crew through a rigorous selection process. They are efficient and possess a wide experience in controlling water vehicles.
  • Captains are also trained to impart required information about different destinations surrounding the harbour.
  • Companies display all relevant information and booking facility on their websites.
  • Pricing policy is too transparent. Prices are charged depending on the time, destinations and number of passengers on board.

For their excellent services and professionalism, Sydney private water taxi companies not only get regular bookings but also have a good client base who avail their services repeatedly. Visit http://www.majesticwatertaxis.com.au/private-water-taxi-sydney-harbour.